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Our Culture

About Alex Hudson Lyme Foundation

Those who knew Alex well would agree that she was full of life, strong-willed and had an unwavering desire to help others. With a perpetual smile on her face, Alex excelled in school, on the field, and within her community. She lived for her faith and wanted nothing more than to bring happiness to those around her.

While Alex’s life was cut short by Lyme disease and MCAS, her mission to help others lives on through the work of AHLF.  Working alongside community members, fellow Lyme advocates, and those struggling from Lyme disease and MCAS, the AHLF team carries out Alex’s work through her love, compassion and understanding heart. Alex’s sole mission, besides fighting for her own health, was to help and educate others battling from these debilitating diseases. Together we will keep her legacy alive.

"Experience is not what happens to you; It is what you do with what happens to you."

Our Mission

Increase research efforts for Lyme disease and MCAS, while supporting patients via financial grants for their testing/treatment.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Dedicated to eradicating Lyme disease and MCAS through education, awareness and prevention.

Our Goal

Build a strong community of Lyme disease and MCAS ambassadors to carry out Alex’s final wishes.

Meet Our Founder

Jody Hudson.jpg

Born to an ill-prepared single mother, Jody Hudson was placed in foster care until she was adopted. This entry into life formed Jody’s servant’s heart and empathy for others – traits that she has passed along to her son, Garrett and daughter, Alex. Jody will tell you that being a mother is her proudest achievement in life.

After a long career in retail, Jody left the for-profit world and entered into the non-profit sector. For twelve years, Jody worked as the Operations Director for Catholic Charities Diocese of Fresno. Upon the death of her 22-year-old daughter in March of 2018, Jody founded the Alex Hudson Lyme Foundation (AHLF). She worked both full-time positions until September of 2019, when she made AHLF her full time career. Jody was awarded the Marjaree Mason Center Top Ten Professional Business Woman award in 2018 for her efforts with both organizations.

Jody guides AHLF’s work through advocacy, education and awareness. She collaborates with local and national organizations to further AHLF’s mission. She has also written a soon-to-be-published book about Alex’s journey with Lyme disease and uses this platform to provide hope and healing to those struggling with this debilitating illness.Through AHLF and its work, Jody is fulfilling her promise to her daughter. 

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