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Alex's Legacy

 Alexandra Marisa Hudson 

Alexandra Marisa Hudson was born on December 20, 1995, in Fresno, California. She was supposed to have been born on Jesus’ birthday, but the date was changed to accommodate her delivery doctor’s schedule. Years later, it would dawn on everyone just how significant her due date was. Alex passed away on March 24, 2018, surrounded by her mother and her “aunties.”  As she took her last breath, she looked up to the heavens and smiled her biggest smile ever.  She was going home.


The Beginning

Full of Love, Happiness, and Energy.

Alex was born into a family that was always on the go. Sports and playdates filled Alex’s earlier years. Besides her big brother Garrett, her golden retriever named Buddy was her best friend and constant companion. Family get togethers during the holiday season filled Alex’s heart with joy.  She couldn’t wait to travel the 2 ½ hour car ride to San Jose and be reunited with her cousins during Christmas.   December was Alex’s favorite month because she shared her birthday month with Jesus.  Not one for lavish gifts, Alex made it her mission to trade in presents for practical items for the homeless.  Gifts would be replaced by warm socks and clothing articles for her friends on the streets.


The School Years

Sports, Reading, and Friends.

During her school years, Alex participated in every sport possible. She excelled at soccer and softball, but also played volleyball and basketball, ran track, and was a cheerleader. She loved to read and devoured book after book. This hobby would be the last source of comfort for Alex, as she lay in bed battling her debilitating disease.

An exceptional scholar, Alex received a full-ride scholarship to UCLA. Sadly, she was unable to fulfill her dream of becoming a Bruin bear, instead taking online courses through ASU from her bed.


The Journey of Healing

Determination, Courage, and Strength.

For ten long years, Alex battled what perplexed doctors deemed a “medical mystery.” Refusing to let this ambiguous label define her, Alex researched her condition on her own and sought out medical professionals who could provide her with a proper diagnosis.

After visiting nearly forty doctors and receiving multiple incorrect diagnoses, Alex finally found a doctor who correctly diagnosed her with Lyme disease. Her journey in and out of hospitals for treatment started in May of 2017. By then, Lyme disease and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) had destroyed her body and she was never able to gain control of her illness.


Our Angel

Providing Hope, Advocacy, and Guidance.

As Alex took her last breath on March 24, 2018, she instilled in all of us the meaning of determination and true grit. Not one to ever take pain medication, Alex was always present and ready to face whatever challenge came her way.


Alex’s dying wish was for an organization to be formed that would create advocacy for Lyme and MCAS patients, while providing funding for research efforts. Thus, her death breathed life into the Alex Hudson Lyme Foundation (AHLF).


The AHLF received its 501c3 status in June of 2018, just three short months after Alex’s passing.  Through awareness, education and fundraising efforts, AHLF carries on Alex’s wishes of helping those who are unable to fight for themselves.


The Symbolism of The Blue Bird

It was a Saturday afternoon in December of 2017. Alex’s mother, Jody, was dusting in the living room and glanced out the window. There she saw a beautiful blue bird perched atop their fountain in the courtyard. Touched by its beauty, she immediately went into Alex’s bedroom and asked Alex if she’d seen it as well. Alex nonchalantly replied, “Yes, it comes to me every day at 3:00 pm. I know that when I see this bluebird, God has given me another day on earth and He is still with me on my journey.”


Months later, when Alex was slowly declining, she had a conversation with her mother. When Jody asked how she would be able to communicate with Alex after she passed, she simply said, “Look for me in the form of a bluebird. Whenever you need me, I will be there.” 


The Alex Hudson Lyme Foundation’s logo depicts a girl with arms outstretched looking down and blessing her foundation with bluebirds perched on her shoulders.

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