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Prevention of Lyme

Prevent Lyme Disease

AHLF is committed to providing tips and education on prevention so you can continue to enjoy the outdoors while lowering the chances of being exposed to infection. Just a few extra steps can make all the difference!

Tips to Prevent Lyme

Avoid areas where you might come in contact with ticks, such as thickly wooded or bushy areas with high grass. Always stay on trails while hiking.

Use insect repellent that is designed to repel ticks. Apply liberally to your body as well as your camping/hiking gear and clothing.

Examine your body for ticks when you come back inside. Check under your arms, behind your ears, in your hair, inside your belly button, behind your knees, in-between your legs, and around your waist. You can never be too thorough!

Tips to Prevent Lyme

Take a shower within two hours of coming indoors to scrub off any ticks that you may have missed during your inspection.

Remove all articles of clothing after being outside, wash them and put them in the hot dryer to kill off any ticks.

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